The 2290 Drill Team was newly formed in April of this year with their first practice commencing on April 17th, 2018. The drill team meets once a week with opportunities to learn foot drill, rifle drill, flag drill, and pace stick drill, etc.
As nearly a third of this year’s Drill Team is composed of new recruits, the beginning training days were…unbearable to recall. Sweat and tears were shed as they worked towards the performance of drill precision, a routine fully memorized and performed without any commands.
Drill Team Captain C/WO Sabrina Trinh was determined to bring out the best in her team members, she persevered and overcame hardships one step at a time, leading the Drill Team to success.

Team Captain: C/WO Sabrina Trinh
Team Members: C/WO Monica Zhang, C/Sgt Paul Cho, C/Sgt Gloria Li, C/MCpl Roxane Losa, C/MCpl Trisha Mae Flores, C/MCpl Mari Joyce Flores, C/MCpl Marjorie Faith Flores, C/MCpl Angeianna Liem, C/MCpl Teagan Chandler, Mikaela Culase, C/MCpl Eunice Ramos
Supervising Officer: Lieutenant Vanessa Wu

2290 Drill Team Precision Routine – 2018.6.2