The 2290 Biathlon Team participated for the 2nd year in the Zone Competition in January 2018. Winter biathlon combines elements such as physical fitness, ski ability and marksmanship skills. Over 24 cadets at our unit were trained to ski at Cypress Mountain and Whistler Olympic Park as well as to shoot accurately using principles of marksmanship.
The winter biathlon competitions were sponsored by the Canadian Cadet Organization, whereas training leading to the competitions was primarily paid for by 2290 Support Committee.

Twelve cadets were selected to represent the unit at zone competition and 11 earned medals for respective age categories: Ex-C/CWO Emily Yan, C/WO Timothy Wu, C/WO Yang Xu, C/WO Sabrina Trinh, C/WO Monica Zhang, C/Sgt Justin Dinh, C/Sgt Mason Wilcox, C/Sgt Rigel Dela Cruz, C/MCpl Callum Symons, C/MCpl Jeremy Hua, C/MCpl Beatrice Karl, C/Cpl Erkhes Enkhbaatar. All cadets earned bronze biathlon pin that they can wear on their uniform.

Six cadets were then further selected to attend the Provincial Competition at Mount Washington near Comox, BC: C/WO Timothy Wu, C/WO Yang Xu, C/Sgt Mason Wilcox, C/MCpl Jeremy Hua, C/MCpl Beatrice Karl, C/Cpl Erkhes Enkhbaatar

Also, one cadet was chosen to assist BC Team at the Cadet National Biathlon Competition in Charlottetown Prince Edward Island: C/WO Timothy Wu

Supervising Officer: Captain Michael Marek