Support Committee

The Cadet Programme is funded by the Department of National Defence in partnership with the civilian Navy League, Army Cadet League, and Air Cadet League of Canada.  The civilian sponsor requires local community support to meet its obligations that include accommodations, training aids and equipment and programme enhancements not otherwise provided.  Parents and cadets are expected to participate in and contribute to fundraising as required by the League’s local sponsoring element.”

“2290 BCR unlike many Cadet Corps which are sponsored by the Royal Canadian Legion or other service institutes, is sponsored by The British Columbia Regiment (Duke of Connaught’s Own), a Reserve Armoured Reconnaissance Unit of the Canadian Armed Forces with whom we share the Drill Hall.”  2290 BCR Cadets wear the cap badge of the Regiment.

2290 BCR is fortunate to have a dedicated Support Committee.  The Support Committee is there to raise funds that are required to conduct activities or purchase items that are not provided by the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).

Each year the committee elects an executive board. The Support Committee is made up of people in the community or parents of cadets, who want to volunteer to help 2290 BCR.

The primary responsibilities of the Support Committee are:

1.  Fundraising
There are many financial requirements to maintain a successful cadet unit.  While the Department of National Defence and Army Cadet League assist with the financial support the unit, we rely on our Committee for fund raising initiatives.


2.  Recruiting

While recruiting is ultimately coordinated by the Commanding Officer, it is the responsibility of the Committee to provide assistance whenever possible.  The Committee will normally organize recruiting drives throughout the training year.

3.  Public Relations

The Committee ensures the unit maintains a healthy public image.  It promotes citizenship and a strong relationship within the community.  Positive public relations can result in recruiting and fundraising.

The 2290 Support Committee meets on Thursday every month at 7:30pm.


We always welcome new members!!  Please ask how you can help!!