Why Join 2290?

Because you’ll get tons of benefits and also opportunities to contribute!

  • You’ll take part in activities you may not easily get from elsewhere.
    Orienteering, canoeing, mountain biking, trekking and shooting are just a few examples.
    And they are all free!
  • You’ll learn knowledge and acquire transferable skills that will benefit your whole life.
    Outdoor survival, map and compass usage, team leadership, effective speaking, instructional techniques… You’ll gradually pick them up during the many years when you are a proud army cadet.
  • You’ll have opportunities to go to summer camps – Cadets love them.
    Yes, they are free of charge. You’ll even get daily subsidies!
    Most importantly, you’ll make a lot of new friends there.
  • You’ll get credits for your high school.
  • You’ll be proudly marching in parades to show your support to our communities: Santa Claus Parade, Vimy Day Parade etc.
  • and much more …

Our BCR 2290 Cadet Corps provide even more benefits:

  • We are located just a few steps away from Chinatown Skytrain Station.
  • We have a huge, spacious and well-equipped drill hall.
  • We provide annual scholarships.
  • You get yummy snacks every training night – handed to you by our beloved veteran Captain Agnes Keegan!

2290 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps is simply one of the best army cadets corps you’ll want to join in Vancouver.